Protect Your Home Day And Night

Now it’s a fast-paced era, people often work day and night, and sometimes travel on business. Do you want to keep an eye at home at this time? Monitor your property, look after your loved ones, and take a look at your furry friends?

You can do all this on your mobile phone if our home security camera is installed.

The solar charging board allows you to install the camera anywhere without extra wires.
The infrared night vision function guarantees a good video effect at night.
When the PIR motion detection function detects a moving object, your phone will receive an alert.
The two-way voice function enables real-time video calls.
The large-capacity storage card can store up to 5 months of video under motion activated recording.

This must be what you are looking for.

1080P HD Video

Loop Recording

140° Wide Angle

IP65 Waterproof

PIR Motion Detection

Two-way Audio

2.4G Wifi Compatible

Cold & Hot Resistance

IR Night Vision

Solar Panel Recharge

8-32GB SD Card

APP Operation

Keep An Eye Outdoor For Peace Of Mind.