Your Reliable Eye Witness And Snapshot Master On The Road

iSmart dirving cameras will capture what happens on the road, in case the unexpected happens, of course, some wonderful moments as well. And with an in-built IPS HD screen, or dedicated smartphone app, showing recordings with a date and time stamp, you can instantly playback events to resolve roadside disputes. It’s your reliable eye witness on the road.

The 360° panoramic lens can record all the images during driving, left and right, inside and outside the car, protecting your car and loved ones comprehensively. You could manage the videos with dedicated video playback software or by connecting SD card with computer.

360° panoramic camera

Full HD quality

G-sensor lock

Dual camera supported

GPS tracker built-in

Parking monitoring

Loop recording

IPS multi-touch screen

Perfect night view

Sound recording

Free dedicated APP

4-64GB SD Card